Bridge the Gap – SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation has partnered with RARE Science to find children with SYNGAP, which brings kids closer to a cure.

Together with RARE Science, Bridge the Gap…is working on a patient registry, the first International Syngap meeting to be held in 2016 and a clinical trial strategy.  .   Please click here to download information about the SYNGAP patient registry.

What is SYNGAP?

A genetic mutation in the gene SYNGAP1 results in non-syndromic intellectual disability ranging from moderate to severe. Two thirds of the children have epilepsy and can be associated with attention deficits, impulsivity, and/or mood disorders. In recent findings SYNGAP1 has been a gene linked to autism. The percentage is unknown of how many of these individuals have been diagnosed autism. Early developmental intervention is important to insure that affected children reach their full potential. Most children benefit from occupational, physical and speech therapy. Currently there are no treatments as researchers and clinicians are still trying to understand the biology of the disease.

Beckett is 7

He is affected by SYNGAP

Read His Story

If you are a caregiver or know of a patient like Beckett or are a clinician or researcher working on SYNGAP, please contact RARE Science at Additionally, you can contact Bridge the Gap, SYNGAP at ( Every patient, researcher, and clinician moves the patient community closer to new treatments.